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Since 1920, French skincare brand PAYOT has been making its mark on modern cosmetics. 


Founder, Dr Nadia PAYOT was a pioneer in the industry and created the ‘facial’ as we know it today. 


PAYOT offer unique beauty rituals that combine scientific technology, skincare expertise and a pleasurable sensorial experience. 


Our highly qualified and professional therapists recommend treatments and home care to treat your skin concerns. 


Our treatment menu is designed with you in mind and offers a wide range of services for skin and body. 


Our professional Parisian facials use only the highest quality products developed in PAYOT’s own laboratories in France.  Using clinical studies and consumer testing, PAYOT’s skincare products are formulated with carefully selected ingredients to ensure absolute effectiveness and tolerance. 

Youngblood Makeup

The Original Clean Makeup – Mineral make up for complete skin health. 

Formulated with clean ingredients that are gentle enough to use on even the most sensitive skin. 

Youngblood Mineral Cosmetics provides healthy, flawless coverage that nourishes the skin without clogging pores or causing irritation. 

Isn’t it time you chose a makeup brand that doubles as skincare?  

Come visit us in salon for a complimentary colour match and application!   

Christian Fay

The brand Christian was founded in 1996. It started with semi-permanent eyebrow make-up powders in 8 colours and became an instant worldwide success! 


For 10 years this was a very unique in the world of semi-permanent make-up. Christian since then has built a solid customer base. Stencil sets with specific eyebrow shapes are invented by Christian and nowadays a common use among woman worldwide, many times copied but never as good! 

Christian Faye semi-permanent Eyebrow Powder is a revolutionary product that ensures perfectly shaped eyebrows in just a few seconds. 

The results of this product has a natural appearance than for example an eyebrow pencil or tattoo. 

It can stay on for 24 hours and is waterproof and sweat resistant. The formula also attaches itself to the skin and hair which helps to hide scars and increase eyebrow volume. 

The set includes eyebrow powder plus 3 different stencils plus a double-sided brush and instructions. 

Come visit us in salon for a complimentary colour match and application. 

EyEnvy Lash Serum -
(This item is currently not available)

Enhance your look with our EyEnvy Lash Serum, an exclusive product that is sold only in salons and spas.  The serum is making its way across the globe and it is increasingly becoming everyones's must-have serum!  The serum provides length, fullness, thickness and darkness to your own natural lashes, making you look like the star that you are.

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